What makes foreign exchange trading a 24/7 business is its ability to be accessed through the internet. Therefore, the most basic tools needed by an individual in order for him to start a livelihood via foreign exchange trading are a computer or a laptop and a high-speed and reliable access to the internet. Without these, a promising career in forex for beginners is impossible.

Aside from the two, another vital tool needed for success by somebody new in the forex trading business is a high quality forex education. Although there is much information available in the internet, it is best to learn the finest education available and some free ones may not be complete or accurate. After getting a course on it or a book, it is better that you first get trainings wherein you get to do trials and actual trading decisions without the use of actual money yet. This will give you a feel of the market and give you the confidence you need when time to actually make the real time buying and selling of currencies comes.

Although one of the most impressive features of the forex market is the ability of first time traders to make use of a smaller capital to be able to trade, it is still best to have a big capital for this type of business. For new traders who would like to first test the waters, a micro account may be opened. Although you can open one with just a couple hundred of dollars, it is better to open an account with a thousand dollars for starters. For a more serious trading, a mini account can be opened and a $10,000 capital will be ideal.

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