Most of people want to participate in the Forex trading but have no experience. A person must have sound knowledge regarding Forex market and Forex exchange before starting Forex business. Automated Forex Trading systems are proved to be very useful for such newcomers. These robots facilitate the trading for newcomers. Therefore, now you can start trading without having deep information regarding Forex market.

One of such robot is Forex MegaDroid. It was released in March 2009.Since then it has been very much appreciated by many traders. But in order to get maximum benefits by using this software, you must have to be aware about the mechanism of Forex trading and Forex MegaDroid. This Robot was introduced in the market in order to fulfill the needs of Forex traders. You as a trader must know about its features and functionality. Here, I am going to discuss its three main features.

1. RCTPA Technology: 
It's the latest, artificial intelligence based technology. RCTPA means Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis. For the very first time, this advanced technology is introduced in the market through this software. It makes this forex robot able to work like a human. We all know that Forex market is in move all the time. The market conditions change very rapidly. This advanced technology makes this robot able to execute profitable trades according to the newly changed market conditions.

2. Ideal Forecaster: 
It's another interesting feature of Forex MegaDroid. It means that this robot can foresee the future accurately. Evidences have proved that this robot has the ability to forecast market changes that can happen in next 2 to 4 hours. This software adjusts itself for such forecast market changes.

3. Consistency: 
So far, the other available Forex trading robots make profitable results in their early periods and after sometime they become useless. This reason is they are designed to work under specific market conditions and we all know that conditions in Forex market are frequently kept on changing. Due to the usage of advanced technology, Forex MegaDroid is considered as most consistent software robot.

I have elaborated three main characteristics of Forex MegaDroid that makes it one of the best Forex Robots which are available in the market.

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